Best Wireless Earbuds for Running and Workout

Best Wireless Earbuds for Running and Workout

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In today's busy lives where the world tries to move on to live with the suffix 'less', wireless earphones and earbuds have settled dominantly in the gadget and gizmo industry. With the continuous development and research over the past decade, these wireless technologies of housing the smallest components have come a long way. As a result, these gadgets have earned a commendable reputation. Time is gone when we had to compromise with mediocre sound quality and unreliable products just for the sake of going wireless. With several generations of the product being launched by companies like Apple, Bose, Samsung, etc., the innovations have improved substantially in all aspects to allure the customers and offer the best wireless earbuds for running, gym or working out. An emerging company with the name of ISPEKTRUM has jumped into the market with the aim to provide high quality wireless earbuds and headphones with reasonable and affordable prices.

High quality wireless earbuds

Today, one can get high-quality sound and features like noise cancellation, all packed in a single device that has the size of a penny. But, as we all know, quality commands a higher price, and thus, most wireless earbuds which offer the latter are on the expensive side. On the flip side, these earbuds have multiple applications, from taking video calls on cellular and non-cellular devices to listening to the favorite playlist on platforms like Spotify. Not only this, but these premium sets of earpieces also offer commendable sound quality during workouts and help enhance your performance by playing high-quality music.

Important aspects of wireless earbuds

However, there are some tips that you must follow before getting your pair of good quality truly wireless headsets. We have divided these into four basic qualities that each wireless headset should possess: -

Long Battery Life

Wireless earphones, although convenient, are of little use if they do not provide the sufficient battery life required by you to at least make it through your day. Most average earphone users use their headsets for about four to six hours a day. Hence, all wireless earbuds are required to at least provide a minimum playtime of 8 to 10 hours. While some premium brands like Bose offer playtimes of up to 30 hours with the charging case, others on the cheaper side provide the lesser playtime.

If you use headsets for a short duration, especially during working out or doing activities of your daily routine, wireless earbuds that offer a decent playtime would be sufficient as your maximum playtime would be less than four to six hours. But if you are someone who spends most of the time in front of the desk or are occupied in a nine to five job, you must buy earphones that offer at least 12 hours of playtime before getting completely discharged.

Easy Controls

Most wireless headsets offer controls required to change the song and pause and play it, along with volume controls. However, each headset provides a different experience regarding the quality of such controls. While some offer high quality controls that feel premium to touch, others appear to be made of cheap hard plastics or rubber. There are some noise-cancelling wireless buds that don't even offer controls for the sake of saving space.


When it comes to wireless devices that draw information from the host device, the range plays a very important role in determining the quality of output from a wireless device. In normal conditions, most wireless headsets provide a sound of similar quality as that of traditional headsets. However, if you happen to have wireless earbuds on the cheaper side and offer a low range, you will notice a substantial degradation in terms of sound quality when you move away from your source. Thus, selecting a pair that offers decent flexibility is always important and allows you to use the headset comfortably even from a considerable distance from the source.

Lightweight and Comfort

One of the most important factors that one should consider while buying wireless earbuds is the comfort levels that such headsets are offering. Also, one must note the weight of such devices as it plays a major role in the level of comfort offered by the device. Lightweight would also mean that your device won't fall off under the jerks faced during high-intensity workouts.

The greatest benefit of having a wireless earphone is that it offers an incredible amount of flexibility. Contrary to what traditional headsets offer, in these wireless modules, you don't have to worry about your cable getting entangled or obstructing your movement at any given point in time. They offer extreme levels of advantages over normal wired earphones. Moreover, with such wireless devices, you don't have to worry about having the perfect Jack or port size as they work on any device as long as the device accepts Bluetooth.

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