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Smart devices have always been all about wireless connectivity, integration and sharing of resources between two devices. A smartphone can be used to measure a lot of essential parameters such as the temperature of the surroundings, travel speed and a lot more. However, you can only use a smartwatch to measure more delicate body parameters lihe heart rate, blood pressure and exercise reps. 

A smartwatch is more convenient to use since it is usually small and firmly locked to the wrist where even negligible pulse rates can be detected. Since the user screen of a smartwatch as well as some other user interfaces will perform better when synchronized to be managed on a smartphone, tech companies have taken it upon themselves to find ways of integrating both devices perfectly. This is done with the use of a WIFI or Bluetooth connection.

At ISPEKTRUM, we offer smartwatches that conveniently perform the important functions while seamlessly integrating to work with a smartphone.