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Enjoy the true meaning of sound with ISPEKTRUM Wireless Earbuds. Immersive music, Noise Cancellation and HD Calls.
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At Ispektrum we offer wireless audio channels such as wireless headphones and earbuds. Some of the most demanded designs are wireless Bluetooth earbuds, best true wireless earbuds, best wireless earbuds for android, best wireless earbuds for running, best wireless earbuds for working out, best wireless earbuds for calls, wireless sports earbuds, noise-canceling wireless earbuds, best-sounding wireless earbuds, most comfortable wireless earbuds. 

The use of wired audio channels using a jack slot has seen a massive drawdown recently with the rate at which people are running towards using headphones and earbuds that are connected without using wires over WIFI and Bluetooth. At Ispektrum we have three models of wireless earbuds, they are described as follows:

  • TWS808 Wireless Earbuds
  • ES001 Wireless Earbuds
  • SM001 Wireless Earbuds

All three are powered by 40 mAh batteries and come in pairs in a case that charges them while they are plugged into it. The cases are usually ten times the battery strength of each earbud, which means they work with a 400mAh battery strength.

They usually operate with these three primary functionalities listed below.

Touch Functions. Equipped with the smart touch functionality providing a stress-free, easy to use, wide variety of functions including stop, play, power on & off, forward, etc.
Auto Pairing. No hassle of connecting to the device every time. Take them out of the charging case to connect to the device automatically.
Dual Microphone. The Dual Microphone technology gives the user freedom of connecting each earbud independently to separate devices (including phone calls).

With the 40mAh battery, each earbud can be used for an average of five hours and the charging case has enough strength to charge the earbuds five times each. The earbuds usually have elegant structures as well as cases that are built with a sleek design to fit into pockets. They are usually made to be water-resistant to allow users to use them during exercises and other wet conditions. 

The most prominent feature is the Bluetooth 5.0 which allows them to connect to almost every available Bluetooth-enabled audio source, it also allows for stable transmission. Other features are listed below.

  • 3D stereo surround sound, immersive music.
  • Sensitive button control, HD phone calls.
  • Fashion & lovely design, comfortable to use.

You can find the wireless earbuds described above on a page labeled Wireless Headphones and Earbuds on our e-commerce website.