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Best Budget Android Tablets

The use of tablets is growing in popularity rapidly. This is because a good number of departments, faculties, and schools generally advise students to purchase a tablet for personal use instead of a PC due to battery life and a lot more. However, there is a lot of information required for an individual before deciding whether they should purchase a tablet. 

Tablets have relatively large screens with a screen surface area thrice that of an average smartphone and two-thirds of an average laptop PC. For this reason alone, it's the most viable option for some institutions looking to exploit the largeness of its screen.

More into the advantages, tablets usually possess relatively better batteries than laptop PCs. At ISpektrum we produce and market very highly functional tablets with an average battery life of ten to fifteen hours of standby time as compared to laptops that last only about two to four hours at most. Our tablet screens are of two sizes: ten and eleven inches. The screens present a very clear water-drop display and a very responsive touchpad amidst other aesthetic features. 

Comparing the features of laptops with tablets.

At this time of technical advancement, laptops offer a great number of features and programs tablets may not offer. While some other applications (apps) for some programs may exist for tablets, the features are usually limited to the specifications of the operating system it operates on. For instance, software that is usually available on a PC through the windows or mac store may be available for tablets but instead as an ask file for android devices, thereby limiting the functionality of the tablet to the Android specifications. 

However, some important applications that work better with smartphone operating systems cannot be integrated to work well on a laptop PC. A good example is an android application that can only work through a chrome extension on a PC. 

All our products are sold with thirty days return policy and we provide a year Limited Warranty on our products (on strict conditions that apply). You can visit our Refund Policy page for details pertaining to refunds and warranty services or contact us if you do not understand any of the provided details on the page for clarification. 

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