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4K Drone | Stealth ISG906 Max 3

4K Drone | Stealth ISG906 Max 3

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🚁 Embark on Aerial Adventures with the ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone

Introducing the ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone – your gateway to unparalleled aerial exploration. This cutting-edge drone sets a new standard for remote-control flight, seamlessly blending portability, advanced technology, and impressive features for an unmatched flying experience.

✈️ Advanced Portability for Any Environment The Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone takes remote-control flight to the next level with its foldable design and lightweight construction. Take it on a mountain hike or navigate your local neighborhood; this drone is designed to be your always-portable, functional companion, defying environmental constraints. Weighing in as a feather-light companion, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone fits almost anywhere. Easily pack it into your backpack after folding or slip it into the side pocket of your hiking pack, ensuring you're always ready for impromptu adventures.

🌐 Compact, Durable, and Convenient Travel Companion Compact, durable, and convenient – the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone transforms the way you capture cherished memories. Its powerful and portable camera records ultra-sharp 4K UHD video, making aerial photography effortless and enjoyable.

🔋 Extended Battery Life for Prolonged Flight Equipped with a rechargeable 11.4V 3000 mAh Li-Po Battery, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone boasts an impressive 30-minute flight time – surpassing most drones in its class. The intelligent flight battery ensures a safe descent as soon as low battery levels are detected, accompanied by an LED display alerting you to the remaining battery life.

  • Bottom fill light: (YES)
  • 3.8V 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery for the remote control
  • 11.4V 3000mAh smart lithium battery for the drone
  • Flight time: about 30 minutes
  • Charging time: about 8 hours
  • USB Charging (5V): (YES)

🌐 Extended Flight Range for Limitless Exploration The ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone features a robust image transmission system, offering an impressive 4-kilometer range for crystal-clear visuals. Whether capturing breathtaking landscapes, surveying vast areas, or simply enjoying the thrill of flight, the extended transmission range ensures a strong connection and a clear visual understanding of your drone's surroundings.

  • Built-in relay device in the remote control
  • Enhances remote control and image transmission signals
  • Compensates for signal attenuation
  • Increases the distance between remote control and image transmission
  • Ensures a longer and more stable signal
  • Control distance (Free interference and no occlusion): about 4000M
  • Wifi image transmission distance (Free interference and no occlusion): about 4000M

🎥 Capture the Extraordinary with a 4K Camera The Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone's camera records 4K ultra HD video, ensuring every moment is captured in stunning detail. The three-axis mechanical gimbal prevents vibration, guaranteeing smooth and stable footage in diverse conditions. With both portrait and landscape shooting modes, this drone is a versatile tool for creative expression.

  • Image transmission receiving method: digital image transmission + strong relay signal
  • 3-axis mechanical self-stabilizing head with brushless motor gimbal
  • Gimbal angle vertical (adjustment angle range): 110° automatic repair
  • Gimbal angle sideways (adjustment angle range): 65° automatically repaired
  • Gimbal angle horizontal (adjustment angle range): 45° automatic repair
  • Aerial imaging configuration parameters managed through the XIL MAX app (iOS, Android)
  • Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110°
  • Optical Flow Positioning
  • 4K HD camera
  • GPS Follow me: 15M
  • Waypoint flight: (YES)
  • Soaring into the sky, drifting away, spiraling up: (YES)
  • Fixed point surround: (YES)
  • MV: filters, video effects, adding background music, picture/video sharing Photo/video share: (YES)
  • GPS/GLONASS double mode: (YES)
  • Main camera video maximum stream: 60Mbps
  • Transmission frame rate (front camera): Frame rate: 25 fps

Mobile Phone Compatibility and Storage Options

  • Mobile phone without card:
    • Photo: 3840*2160P
    • Video: 1920*1080P
  • Memory card SD after inserting the card:
    • Photo: 3840*2160P
    • Video: 3840*2160P
  • Phone after inserting the card:
    • Photo: 3840*2160P
    • Video: 1920*1080P
  • Download SD card content to the APP:
    • Photo: 3840*2160P
    • Video: 3840*2160P
  • SD card maximum support: 128GB

📸 Optimized Image Quality with Intelligent Vision System The vision system intelligently calculates original colors and lights, presenting a lossless high-definition image with each press of the shutter. Experience consistently smooth and impressive image quality, even in the midst of adventurous piloting.

📡 Live Online Video Streaming for Immersive Experiences The Stealth iSG906 Max 3 supports online live video streaming, providing an enhanced broadcasting experience. Share your aerial adventures in real-time and engage your audience with captivating content.

🌀 Stabilize Your Shots with a 3-Axis Gimbal Both the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone and DJI drones feature a 3-axis gimbal – a crucial component for capturing exceptional photos and recording smooth, high-quality videos. With adjustable angles in vertical, sideways, and horizontal directions, the gimbal ensures stability, eliminating unwanted shaking or vibrations.

Gimbal angle vertical (adjustment angle range): 110° automatic repaired
Gimbal angle sideways (adjustment angle range): 65° automatically repaired
Gimbal angle horizontal (adjustment angle range): 45° automatic repaired

Obstacle Avoidance for Secure Flight Safety takes precedence with the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone's upgraded front and rear visual obstacle avoidance. The two-way vision system senses information about surrounding obstacles during flight, automatically issuing an alarm and preventing the drone from moving forward if an obstacle is detected within 20 meters.

  • Front and rear visual obstacle avoidance system
  • Obstacle detection range: ≤10M
  • Laser scanning technology for obstacle detection
  • 360° obstacle avoidance function
  • Alarm and auto-hover if obstacle detected within 20 meters

🌙 Optical-Flow Night Light for Low-Light Excellence Even in low-light conditions, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone excels. The deep algorithm of image denoising optimizes low-light shots, while the optical-flow night light ensures stable hovering performance in dim surroundings.

🛫 Smart Flight Modes for Enhanced Control Equipped with intelligent flight modes such as GPS smart follow, fixed-point orbit, multi-point planning flight, one-key skyrocketing, fading away, spiral rising, and Sport Surround, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone provides a versatile and user-friendly flying experience.

  • GPS smart follow
  • Fixed-point orbit
  • Multi-point planning flight
  • One-key skyrocketing
  • Fading away
  • Spiral rising

🛰️GPS Smart Return for Enhanced Safety and Convenience

The ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone sets a new standard in intelligent flight modes, ensuring a safe and user-friendly experience. The GPS Smart Return feature includes the following modes:

  1. One Key Return:

    • Easily bring the drone back to its takeoff point with a single press of a button.
    • Ideal for situations when the drone is out of sight or for ensuring a precise and safe landing.
  2. Low Battery Return:

    • Automatically triggered when the drone's battery reaches a low level.
    • Ensures a safe return to the home point to prevent the drone from running out of power mid-flight.
  3. Runaway Return:

    • Activates in the event of a lost connection between the drone and the controller.
    • Enables the drone to autonomously return to its home point, minimizing the risk of losing the drone and ensuring its safe recovery.

These intelligent flight modes are designed to provide convenience and peace of mind during every drone flight. Whether you're a novice pilot or an experienced enthusiast, these features simplify the control process and mitigate potential risks. Enjoy the freedom to focus on capturing breathtaking footage and relish the joy of aerial adventures, knowing that the ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone is equipped with advanced safety measures. With one-key GPS return, low power return, and no signal return, the drone ensures a secure and hassle-free flying experience.

💨 Brushless Motors for Enhanced Performance Compared to traditional motors, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone's brushless motors deliver stronger power and lower noise levels. Experience level 5 wind resistance, ensuring stability during challenging weather conditions.

🚀 Easy-to-Start, Intuitive Operation The Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone provides a simple and intuitive operating experience, making flying a breeze. With enhanced flight teaching features, mastering flying skills becomes quick and convenient.

📲 Effortless File Transfer and Compatibility After your adventures, effortlessly transfer videos and images to any device. Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, the Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone simplifies sharing and storing files in minutes.

Embark on a new era of drone flying with the ISPEKTRUM Stealth iSG906 Max 3 Drone – where innovation, portability, and cutting-edge features redefine the possibilities of aerial exploration. Capture every moment with clarity and precision, and make each flight an unforgettable experience.

Product Dimensions and Weight

  • Body size/folded: 17.4x8.4x7cm/28.3x25.3x7cm
  • Product weight: 576.8g
  • Battery weight: 173.2g
  • Package weight: 1680g
  • Remote control phone clip size (supports the largest phone size): 7 inches

Other Names for Drones

  • UAV
  • UAS
  • Drone for Adults
  • Drone with 4K Camera
  • Drone 4K camera for videos
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Commercial Drones
  • Drone Photography