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EVO Nano Drone

EVO Nano Drone

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We have a 30-day return policy & provide 1 Year Limited Warranty on EVO Nano Drone (condition apply). Kindly visit Refund Policy page for details related to Refund and Warranty.

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Exquisite Design

Compact, durable and convenient, this drone is your ideal travel companion, transforming how you capture your favorite memories. The EVO Nano camera drone takes power and portability to the next level. Equiped with 48MP camera that can record ultra sharp 4K/30FPS video. Push your imagination to its limits because aerial photography has never been this easy.

Light Weight & Portable

At barely half a pound, the EVO Nano UAS Drone weighs about as much as an orange and fits almost anywhere, meeting the weight requirements of most countries and regions for drones. It can also be easily packed into backpack after folding, from the side pocket of your hiking pack to the palm of your hand.

Strong Battery Life

EVO Nano UAV Drone comes with rechargeable 2250 mAh Li-Po 2S Battery. A single battery charge can bring 28 minutes of flight time, longer than most consumer drones of the same type. The remote controller is equiped with a 3930 mAh battery giving it battery life of 3.5 hours when connected to cellphone and 2.5 hours when operated without a cellphone. 

4K Dual Cameras

EVO Nano is equipped with a 48MP camera that can record ultra sharp 4K/30fps video. Paired with a three-axis mechanical gimbal to prevent vibration, the Nano provides everything you need to ensure your footage is smooth and stable no matter how rough the conditions. 

A 4K camera in the sky delivers content guaranteed to impress. EVO Nano ensures stunning image quality that is consistently smooth no matter how adventurous your piloting gets. Excellent optical performance can record every unforgettable moment in life.


Obstacle Avoidance System

EVO Nano is equipped with latest upgraded OAS (obstacle avoidance system) that can effectively avoid various obstacles and avoid collisions, making it the obvious choice for users looking to avoid crashes and preserve the life of their aircraft. With three-way binocular vision sensors that enable the drone to perceive obstructions in front of it, behind it, and below it.

Skylink Video Transmission

Fly farther while maintaining crisp, clear visuals with the all new Autel SkyLink, our strongest image transmission system yet, which offers a transmission range of 6.2 miles, transmission quality of 2.7K/30FPS, and superior anti-interference capabilities, all while relaying stunning QHD video.

Easy To Get Started

The EVO Nano Drone brings a simple and intuitive operating experience, making flying easier. There is more flight teaching, which is convenient for you to master flying skills more quickly.

Movie Master

The Autel Sky app provides you a suite of video templates for quick and easy movie-making, allowing you to drastically reduce the tedious editing process so you can create share your creations on the spot!

SkyPortrait-Your Personal Paparzzi

With the touch of a button, the Nano+ will rise into the air and snap a photo of you and your friends, automatically adjusting the lens so no one gets left out. Blur the background automatically for additional cinematic effect or dramatically reveal your epic destination — whether it's the top of a mountain or your own backyard.

Dynamic Track 2.1: Master Subject Tracking

Recruit your EVO Nano to automatically follow any person, animal or vehicle so you can foucs on your activities while your Nano handles the cienmatic side. 

Cinematic Shots

Create dramatic, professional level shots at the touch of a button with four automatic shooting modes. Add a soundtrack and filters in the Autel Sky app to make your video even more epic, allowing you to produce unforgettable results whether you are a veteran pilot or completely new to the drone game.

HDR: Draker Shadows Brighter Highlights

With HDR on, Nano+ Will snap several photos at different exposures and automatically stitch them together- resulting in a photo with more contrast and dynamic range.

Super Download - Snap & Share

Done shooting? Simply place your smartphone close to the Lite to download photos and videos at a speedy rate of 160Mbps(20MB/s) using the Autel Sky app.

Sonar Sound

Record voices and ambient sounds on the ground through the remote control's built-in microphone, allowing you to bring your videos to life even when drone is miles above.

Shots From Evo Nano Plus:

✅Comparison - Evo Nano vs Evo Nano Plus:


Takeoff weight
Dimensions (including blades)
Folded: 140×90×50mm 
Unfolded: 264×310×50mm
Max takeoff altitude
Max flight time (no wind)
Max flight distance (no wind)
Max wind resistance
Level 5
Operating temperature
-10°C ~ 40°C
Operating frequency
2.400-2.4835GHz, 5.725-5.850GHz, 5.150-5.250GHz
Mechanical range
Pitch: -125°~35° 
Roll: -34°~33° 
Yaw: -25°~25°
Max control speed (pitch)
Camera (Nano)
CMOS:1/2 inch Effective 
pixels:48M Pixel 
Equivalent focal length:24mm 
Focus range:1m ~ ∞ 
Focus mode: fixed focus
Photo format
Photo resolution
Original image:3840*2160,JPG/DNG 
Video: 4K P25
Camera (Nano Plus)
CMOS:1/1.28 inch 
Effective pixels:50MP 
Pixel size: 2.44μm*2.44μm (Bin2)
FOV: 85° 
Equivalent focal length: 23mm 
Aperture: f/1.9 
Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞ 
Focus mode::PDAF+CDAF/MF
Photo format
Photo resolution
Original image:3840*2160,JPG/DNG 
Video:4K P25
Remote controllor and image transmission
Max transmission distance
Operating temperature
0°C ~40°C
Battery capacity
Max battery life
3.5h (when connected to a mobile phone)
2.5h (when not connected to mobile phone)
Interface type
Type C
Aircraft battery
Battery Type
Li-Po 2S
Single battery charging time
Mobile App
Autel Sky
Mobile system required
iOS 12.0 and above 
Android 8.0 and above


Packing List

  • Aircraft (including battery, propellers and gimbal cover) *1
  • Remote Control *1
  • Spare Propellers (pair) *1
  • USB-C Charging Cable *1
  • RC Cable *3 
  • Micro-USB Connector 
  • Lightning Connector
  • USB-C Connector
  • Spare Screws *8
  • Screwdriver *1
  • Manuals *3
  • Disclaimer and Safety Operation Guidelines
  • EVO Nano Series Quick Start Guide


Other Names for Drones

  • UAV
  • UAS
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Commercial Drones
  • Drone Photography