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PR9 Smart Door Bell Camera & LCD Screen Intercom

PR9 Smart Door Bell Camera & LCD Screen Intercom

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The ISPEKTRUM PR9 Smart Door Bell Camera & Intercom with a screen is an excellent choice for home security and convenience. Here are the key features of this system:

Notification and Answer on Phone: When someone rings the doorbell, you receive a notification on your phone. You can answer the doorbell and engage in two-way communication with the visitor through the mobile app, providing convenience and enhancing home security.

Video Recording: The doorbell camera automatically records videos when the doorbell is pressed. The recorded videos are saved on the SD card in the screen display, supporting up to 128 GB of storage. This allows you to review and monitor any activity at your doorstep.

Auto Movement Detection: The system features auto movement detection, meaning it can detect motion and trigger recordings or alerts. This feature helps monitor activities even when the doorbell is not pressed, providing additional security.

HD Image and Night Vision: The camera captures high-definition (HD) images with a resolution of 2MP/1080P (1920x1080), ensuring clear and detailed visuals. It also features night vision capabilities, allowing you to see visitors and events even in low-light or nighttime conditions.

24-Hour Monitoring: The PR9 Smart Door Bell Camera system provides round-the-clock monitoring of your doorstep, helping keep your house safe and secure at all times.

Low Power Consumption: The system is designed to have low power consumption, ensuring efficient operation and long battery life. With a 5000mAh battery, it can provide standby power for up to 3 months (with 10 times motion detection each day).

Multiple User Support: The system supports up to 4 users simultaneously accessing the doorbell camera through the Android and iOS app. This allows multiple household members to monitor and interact with visitors.

4.3 Inch LCD Screen: The system includes a 4.3-inch LCD screen for convenient viewing, a wide view angle of 120 degrees, PIR sensor alarm detection, two-way audio for remote calling, motion detection, and activity alerts. It also supports WiFi connection for remote monitoring.

The ISPEKTRUM PR9 Smart Door Bell Camera & Intercom system provides comprehensive features for home security, convenience, and peace of mind. With its video recording capabilities, motion detection, two-way communication, and mobile app support, it ensures that you can monitor and manage your doorstep from anywhere, anytime.