Fashion Trends Change: Women Loves Smartwatch More Than Men

Fashion Trends Change: Women Loves Smartwatch More Than Men

Smartwatches for Ladies

As techies of the 21st century, all gadgets that have the prefix smart attached to their name have become an integral part of your everyday routines and are also the talking point of the new generation. If you are one such techie, you would agree that smartwatches are one of the major inventions of the gadget revolution of this century.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center of the United States, more than 20% of American adults use smartwatches regularly. What's even more interesting is that while only 18% of the total male population wears smartwatches or smart bands, 25% of the female population in the United States regularly wears these widgets on their wrists. Questions were also raised as to whether users' data should be shared for medical research purposes and more than 40% of the people agreed with the argument.

Smartwatches for Ladies

Most people have a dilemma about whether women are more attracted to these digital smartwatches than men. Tech companies are working tirelessly towards offering the best smartwatch for women during these competitive times. Well, most women agree with the notion that premium smartwatches play a key role in enhancing the overall personality of an individual other than improving their health through proper health management systems. Modern-day smartwatches are not just devices that you use to check on time, but they pack in hundreds of features into a simple design that resembles a wristwatch.

There has been a continuous surge in demands for smartwatches ever since the product debuted in the market. According to an estimate, more than 190,000,000 units of the device are expected to be sold in 2022. The smartwatch market experienced a growth of 8.5% from 2017 to 2018 and is estimated to grow at an even faster pace this decade. This immense growth is a result of the trendiness of the gadget and the overall usability and benefits associated with owning a smartwatch. Also, these smartwatches contain several features that prove to be quite beneficial for female users, like menstrual cycle monitor, stress monitor etc.

Popular brands

Android smartwatches are nothing but those which are compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Other than these watches, there is a long list of Apple Watch series that is the best in the game when it comes to offering quality smartwatches. Tech companies have now started offering the best designs in Android smartwatches for women. An emerging company with the name of ISPEKTRUM has jumped into the market with the aim to provide high-quality smartwatches with reasonable and affordable prices.

The market of smartwatches is heavily populated with hundreds of brands solving their customers with a long list of features and equipment. Such brands are always competing with each other, starting from the best design to the best battery backup and features and pricing their smartwatch competitively. Thus, this competition forces brands to continuously evolve and add new features and design elements to their products. Below are some of the main features that make smartwatches an excellent companion in our everyday lives.

Alerts and notifications

Notifications ranging from call alerts and messages are one of the most important features offered by smartwatches. Through this, smartwatches offer us the convenience of checking such notifications without getting our phones out of our pockets. With a flick of the wrist, the user can get his current messages and call alerts. Not only this, smartwatches that offer connectivity through a SIM card even allow their user to make calls and messages directly through the watch.

Time-related features

Apart from showing the time, smartwatches also offer various time-related features like a stopwatch, timer and even an alarm clock. These features prove to be extremely beneficial when someone needs to perform time-barred fitness activities. Vibration-based alerts ensure that you never miss your alarm no matter where you are.

Health and wellness features

The most important role played by smartwatches is monitoring the user's health and all-around physical fitness. These features are what separate smartwatches from ordinary digital watches. To name a few, these features include heart rate monitors, step tracking through pedometers, physical activity trackers for activities like running, exercising etc., blood pressure monitoring systems, oxygen level monitors and sleep, monitors. Some Android watches for women especially include features like menstrual cycle monitors, which prove extremely beneficial in everyday routines.

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