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Wander in the unchartered wild with Deosai Smart Watch series. All the functionalities of a Smart Watch with 4G/LTE sim card support.  

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Android smart watches for Women & Men

Smartwatches are portable AI-oriented computing devices that mimic the resemblance of an average wristwatch or a bracelet. In addition to being used to read time, the greater number of smartwatches are Bluetooth-enabled. Therefore, the watch serves as a wireless Bluetooth adaptor that can integrate to exploit the functionalities of a connected smartphone to increase the actionability of the watch.

In essence, the connected phone will perform some basic functions through the smartwatch as a remote control. It keeps getting better, nowadays a smartwatch is a portable device that's designed to be worn on a wrist. Like smartphones, they use heart rate and other vital signs touchscreens, offer apps, and often record your heart rate and other vital signs.

At Ispektrum Company, we produce various kinds of smartwatches with different features and are used to perform several critical functions. We have excellent quality water-resistant smartwatches, fitness smartwatches, Bluetooth or internet-enabled smartwatches and digital smartwatches available for pickup. Among the smartwatches in our collections, we produce attractive designs using good materials.

Our models and designs of smartwatches can easily compete and perform favorably against the top smartwatch brands in the industry. You can find these smartwatches displayed next to their specifications in detail on the Smartwatches portal on our e-commerce website.

We have a special brand, the Deosai Smartwatch series which encompasses all the functionalities of a Smartwatch with 4G sim card support. In this series, we have The Ultimate Smartwatch which has probably the biggest display screen size and offers a wide range of functions. The specifications are beyond par, and the designs are made very sleek to accommodate the widescreen.

Our smartwatches are subdivided into two kinds, the 4G enabled smartwatches and the Non 4G smartwatches. The 4G smartwatches operate using an android operating system to carry out their functions. It can connect to the internet on its own using a SIM card that is connected to the SIM card slot. While the non 4G smartwatches completely depend on Bluetooth and WIFI to carry out functions, which means they must be always connected to a phone.

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