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The days when smartwatches relied on a Bluetooth connection to synchronize with your smartphone to explore its best features are far behind us. Nowadays smartwatches with 4G/LTE connectivity and sim card slots help users enjoy unlimited access to a life of smartness.

These 4G LTE enabled smartwatches are still not so much in circulation, but the options are constantly growing as more brands are now offering this aesthetic connectivity support. The options to pick from have begun to leave the hands of the big tech companies. We have been able to produce a series of smartwatch models that can perfectly simulate the activities of the original smartphone and integrate with it through the internet to perform together in sync.  

We offer 4G LTE-enabled smartwatches that operate on an android operating system to perform special functions usually operated through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is touch screen.
Among the smartwatches in this collection, we have smartwatches for women, smartwatches for men, the best android fitness watch, waterproof 4G LTE watch, android wristwatch, 4g android smartwatch, and many other 4G enabled products that perform unique functions.

You can find powerful designs and specifications like the Ultimate Smartwatch which is one of the devices in the Deosai Series. You can enjoy your favorite news and entertainment channels conveniently from your wrist. The graphical user interface is a 640mm-by-480mm large screen which is responsive to touch and allows you to seamlessly scroll through webpages.

You can easily connect our 4G LTE enabled smartwatch to your android smartphone by downloading and installing the smartwatch mobile manager app on your android phone and secure a wireless connection with the device on the webserver. After doing this you can enjoy the maximum services of your smartwatch on both devices simultaneously. This method supports a broader connectivity range than connecting via Bluetooth.